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The Crescent ground was known as the not allowed lands to obtain a good reason. No human being would ever dare to set foot on the territory because it was in which the significant and the majority ferocious of beasts exist. It had been claimed that even vampires themselves would steer clear of it wherever possible. And merely professional knights were actually brave enough to be on an expedition to investigate the ground.
His answer designed Evie slip noiseless for just a moment. The reference to the dragon produced her feel anything strange. It believed like worry… and she did not know why. Was she anxious about her father’s dragon?
“No. None of the vampires ever discovered the dragons’ nests. Apart from the toxic journey and fights against all kind of beasts, only several vampires acquired ever was able to access farther into the territory. I and my gents was able to arrive at the center with the territory but…” Gavriel paused, “there have been lots of dragons protecting it.”
“It’s alright love, the beasts don’t end up for this unique spot for whatever reason.” Gavriel explained. “I came across this position back then. Whenever I was working outside the horde of beasts, I came into this position and for some reason they merely discontinued chasing after just like there was an invisible boundary positioning them lower back. Also i tried out this before while i came up again here with my adult men, and it also looked my observation in those days was verified correct. The beasts cannot established foot in this region. And I’m wondering since this area might be truly unique.”
His reply to designed Evie tumble silent for a moment. The mention of the dragon created her experience something weird. It noticed like worry… and she did not know why. Was she thinking about her father’s dragon?
“No. Not one of the vampires ever discovered the dragons’ nests. In addition to the life threatening experience and struggles against all almost beasts, only handful of vampires obtained ever had been able to access farther inside terrain. I and my gentlemen had been able to make it to the coronary heart of the property but…” Gavriel paused, “there were clearly a lot of dragons guarding it.”
Evie was so inquisitive inside the safety confines of her thick and furry jacket, mainly because it possessed already been quite some time simply because have eventually left but Gavriel was still working and jumping. She could tell they had already still left Dacria and also now she was selected they had been already quite not even close to the city.
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Gavriel noticed the design of horror and big surprise in Evie’s view, in which he smiled.
“Yes… the emperor suddenly forwarded me for this position most likely praying that we would perish in the strikes of the beasts here and do not returning again.” Gavriel shrugged a bit so when Evie’s expression has become severe, Gavriel laughed mockingly, “Minimal managed he understand that I’ve been here before and survived.”
Evie’s eyes circled. “Dragons?” she recurring.
“Why? To fight the beasts?”
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Section 112 – Forbidden Property
Evie’s vision immediately increased with impact and burglar alarm. From what she had observed, the Crescent Ground, also called the not allowed terrain was probably the most harmful area in the total Lirea. It was subsequently a land created inside a crescent structure plus it was based involving the Northern Kingdom and Eastern Kingdom.
Gavriel spotted the design of horror and delight in Evie’s eye, and then he smiled.
Gavriel found the look of terror and shock in Evie’s vision, and this man smiled.
Evie’s eyeballs circled. “Dragons?” she frequent.
“Certainly. I’ve observed a lot more than two dragons in the trip to the essential areas. And So I feel there are way more of which that individuals have not viewed.” He explained to her and Evie’s mouth area parted with shock.
This property possessed always been a mystery into the mankind and also, since not one of the human beings were definitely courageous enough to investigate it, they already have little to no information about this mystical terrain. And also their hands and fingers were pretty occupied with their battle up against the vampires, in order that they barely settled any care about this unusual position where critters far more unsafe compared to vampires exists.
Evie believed there was just one dragon. The dragon her dad was summoning was always the same one. Then when the guardians summon, there seemed to be just one single dragon that reacts to that summons.
His solution created Evie fall noiseless for just a moment. The mention of the dragon made her feel anything bizarre. It believed like worry… and she failed to know why. Was she concerned about her father’s dragon?
Evie’s eye circled. “Dragons?” she recurring.
Gavriel had not been astonished that also the girl in the dragon’s guardian failed to be aware of this. There was clearly not a way for your human beings to know due to the fact none of them attempted to established feet within this territory. These folks were significantly more dedicated to the vampires that they can failed to even consider the prospect the fact that guardian could probably get into this property with the aid of his dragon. However, he could not blame the human beings for being additional cautious. The guardian was still basically a man of course so that they could not pay the danger particularly because they have been always within a warfare.
It obtained also been mentioned that beasts residing in this property ended up magical and Evie understood that was where the dragon are living at the same time. When Evie possessed requested her father extended ago where do his dragon reside, he obtained instructed her it always get back on the not allowed land.
“Yes… the emperor suddenly forwarded me to this particular place most probably praying that we would kick the bucket out of the strikes of the beasts here and never give back just as before.” Gavriel shrugged a little so when Evie’s expression has become serious, Gavriel laughed mockingly, “Tiny managed he realize that I’ve been here before and survived.”
Gavriel was not amazed that also the daughter on the dragon’s guardian did not learn about this. There is not a chance for the human beings to discover simply because not one of them tried to set up ft . in this particular area. These were a lot more concentrated on the vampires they will failed to even take into account the prospect the fact that guardian could probably enter this terrain through the help of his dragon. However, he could not blame the mankind for being added mindful. The guardian was still just a individual in fact so they could not pay for the potential risk in particular because they were actually always in a conflict.
Gavriel discovered the appearance of scary and surprise in Evie’s sight, in which he smiled.
Evie considered that there were just one dragon. The dragon her daddy was summoning was always the identical one. When the guardians summon, there had been only 1 dragon that responds to that particular summons.
And now, she was really at the sides of the areas? She was about to create foot with this not allowed property?!

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